The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police Dave Thompson blamed the widening spread of crime for the let down of members of the public who call the police for  help. His force which covers the Britain’s second biggest city, Birmingham, points to the cuts in his budget and the ensuing reduction of frontline police officers as part of the cause. Regarding crimes and the less than ideal way the public are dealt with he had this to say.

“We may be dealing with it over the phone where they would like to see us and I’m sorry about that but that is the reality of where policing is now.” In the BBC interview Chief Constable Thompson outlined the issues the force faced including a 135% increase in modern slavery. This went alongside a 47% increase in child sexual exploitation,  25% rise in sexual offences and 15% increase in gun crime.

We asked Declan Shinead, our security expert and master brewer to analyse the possible outcome of this crime trend and the admission by the West Midlands Police.

‘ Speaking as a person that knows a lot about crime given most of my family are doing long stretches inside for this and that, I would say people should move out of the West Midlands. There is another possible solution, we wall it off and forget about it.’ When it was suggested that his was a rather simplistic and defeatist view Mr Shinead responded bluntly. ‘ In the UK you have a force stating clearly that there is an increase in modern slavery 200 odd years since it was outlawed, a century or so after it had almost disappeared then you have to say screw it at some point and give up. After all strict border controls, massive investment in law enforcement and intelligence gathering are for some reason out of the question.’

Serious note: The above is accurate in the figures and the interview can be viewed here ( click).  The sentiments that are expressed in the satirical article are all mine. The term modern slavery refers to offences that are best looked at through charities like Unseen where you can read survivors stories. In the main they seem to be a case of tricking people from poorer economies into the UK where they are used as sex workers. Though as in the case of  Sophie Lionnet’s murder the range of abuse suffered by workers in the UK is as broad as the depth of the cruelty that goes with it.

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