Caught sight of a case of female genital mutilation in the BBC News today. Enlightening. A man and a women were in court charged in connection with a botched FGM attempt. Don’t get me wrong they should have been in court even had it been successful as the procedure, advocated by certain cultures, was specifically outlawed here in the mid 1980s.

Child porn is said to have been collected as well. The male defendant is from Ghana and the female is from Uganda. The court is British though and the place in question is the liberal oasis that is our grubby capital.
These people will not be named as their victim is 3 years old so if she could be identified by them being shamed. They get an anonimity card free pass. Marvellous eh?

Notably this case was brought to light as the child was taken to an NHS hospital because of her injuries and they let the savage practise out of the bag as it where.

Funny thing is that since it was outlawed in 1985 (according to the The Standard) this is only the 3rd case ever brought to court. A victory for the British way, yay for us. Only 3 cases, except that last year a seemingly well informed Independent article argues that there are cases flagged up in the UK every 90 odd seconds. Surely not! That would mean we were allowing offences to go unpunished, I mean why on earth would we do that? After all here women are protected by law from such horrors…well little kids at least are not. Rule Britannia, Britannia exemption rules….

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