I have to confess I am not a big booze hound. I was drinking a bottle of spirits every month or so. The irony is that my occasional rum bottle, drunk over three days, put me in the heavy drinker category. This is because according to a lot of definitions if you drink more than 6 units of alcohol in a session ( sometimes this changes to so many units in a specific short time period) you are a binge drinker.

The advantage I had was that not drinking was easy for me. Literally when I went off the food, I had no issue with not drinking at all.
Looking at men my age and seeing those that are slim and those that are not, almost all the slim ones are lightweight drinkers.

A pint of beer ( or 500ml can) is about 200 calories. Five helpings of that three times per week will give you the same intake as a full days food allowance for a man plus a bit to spare.

Rapidly three sessions will therefore kick the you know what out of any weight loss progress. They say that a man should take in about 2500 calories per day. I say BULL. That is what you can take in if you are pretty active. If you are a Viking warrior between 8pm and 4pm you can take in more but otherwise 2200-2500 is roughly what is right just to stay as you are if active.
The problem is that most of us sit on our arse all day or at least we sit for a big part of the day.

To drop your weight you have to cut right back on the booze OR as some I know do exercise so they can drink. They work off the extra calories. Difficult to do at first. Just the way it is sadly.

Another down side to drinking is if you get a buzz on then you make food decisions you might regret. It is how the Kebab business survives, if this was a none drinking country they would be right out of business.

If you drink heavy, unless you cut it down a lot, there is a good chance you will stay heavy.

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