Recent cases have made me more and more curious about the way police identify suspects and the accused in the press. Take today for example. The story is about a guy called Joe. He is a young man with reported mental health issues who is accused of a vicious hammer attack on two women. Not only is he named but by the looks of it his social media has been raided for photographs. The attack or, I guess alleged attack, is horrendous with the victims in terrible shape.

Now here is another tale that broke in June. A woman and son were attacked in what the cops described as a racially motivated assault. The woman ended up in intensive care and a 29 year old man was arrested and charged. In the case of Joe and the hammer there is no racial aspect. In a single day he is photographed and named. In the case of the woman and son, nothing.

The man charged with their assault is called Dale Hart, 29. It is said it was a hate crime but the ethnicity of the offender and the victims has been withheld.  Why does it matter?

Humbly I point out that for a few days this guy was not identified. That meant that if he was guilty he was out and about amongst the ethnic group he apparently hated for some time. So for example say he hated Inuit people. He allegedly assaults Inuit people. The assault is so bad a woman almost dies, is it not right that Inuit people should be warned? If I am not mistaken no description was given either, so whatever the endangered ethnic group was, they were placed in a position of danger for those days.

What is it about this country though? Either we are so fragile we teeter on the brink of social unrest if we discuss issues as they come up or we are united and British. Whatever the reasons withholding details puts people at risk and stinks of establishment nervousness. Certainly the half witted secrecy doesn’t help.

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