I noticed this latest sign that the UK is a progressive haven that is perfectly positioned to reach out to the world and show how things should be done. A 93 year old lady was waiting for a bus in Turf Lane, Chadderton in the beautiful utopia known as Oldham, Greater Manchester.

This lady thought she could just step on the bus at 11.55 in the morning. It turned out that was an unwise move. Two marvellous young men decided she needed her handbag removing and were so insistent that they beat her until she did so. Here is a picture of the pair of suspected elderly woman beaters. One has apparently given himself up while at the time of writing the other is being sought by the cops. Gloriously he is 17 years old and in that now over abused tradition we won’t get to know his name or reasons. Click here

I am constantly surprised that we in the UK can look beyond our actual problems and spend so much latte fuelled energy peering at tiny minority issues when all at home is going to hell in a hand basket. Sadly while looking at the above cowardly goings on I saw the case of 93 year old Emma Winnall, beaten in her West Midlands home. She died in hospital days later in 2012. Her murder remains unsolved. Click here

In March this year one Teresa Dejesus, who is not the embodiment of her name sake,  was convicted of stealing from another 93 year old. In the USA things are not any better for the just sub 100s. Louise Sollowin of Omaha was raped and beaten to death in 2013. The cops made an arrest, oh yes, the 19 year old killer was passed out on her body. Click here for the UK theft and here for the US murder

My point? There is work to be done here in the UK and we are blissfully delusional that things will somehow just work out. What should be disturbing is that the above was 5 minutes of flipping through search results and reading a few articles. I didn’t even search for 94 year olds, 98 year olds or younger. Charity starts at home and so should order and civilisation. From what I can see we need to take a breath and sort out some priorities. We won’t, but we should.

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