my hand after hitting the punchbag even when I could feel my skin ripping. Cut and blistered knuckles

Easy to start a diet ( for the first hour or drive past a McDonald’s anyway) easy to start exercising until things go up hill…not so easy not to die. Going from couch to 60 mph can cause you a world of intensive care or worse.
I am lucky as far as at the time of writing that I have no daily meds or existing medical issues. I do have a list of injuries that to a greater or lesser extent plague me if I am daft though.

In short if you have any existing medical issue talk to your doctor. For legal reasons I guess I should say you need to see a doctor before you start anyway. So say you are following my advice and tackling weight loss first. You may know already that I suggest you cut intake and then gradually add exercise.

When you get to the exercise then everything is gradual as far as I am concerned. I cover this in other articles in detail but for now whatever you do…Do not take off running like you might have done 20 years ago. Don’t hit the heavy weights like you did 30 years ago or even think about it!

Nothing will screw the new you faster than picking up a killer injury or for that matter a stroke. We are all about increasing midlife self esteem not destroying it.

I have problems, probably, if you are over 50 you will to. Let’s not dwell on the negative let’s rather stop whining and get on with it.

Get yourself checked out, take care and start gradually and all should be well.

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