I intend to do this as quick YouTube thing when I sort out this new laptop and at the moment I am trying to get a working website together and so I’m putting up as much information about what I have done as quickly as possible. The reason I am banging out these mini articles is the same thinking that has seen me go from plump to a way down the road to renovation. I procrastinate so much that as soon as I get distracted by technology nothing gets done.

snow covered lane, the road hardly visible
A winter walk back from work. My advice don’t do it in the snow or if you do don’t do it in thin trousers with only hope to keep you going. Goggles and a scarf to cover your mouth is a must.

When it comes to the walking way of starting off fitness and weight loss I am a bit of a stickler for distance. I kidded myself that the occasional hike of a lot or regular half mile trips to the shops would make a difference. Consistent miles does and as they added up it inspired me to do more. In one ten day period in the first few months I clocked up over 40 miles. That was in the snow etc

I would go out with a scarf wrapped around my ugly mug and the light snow was swirling around my boots. Bloody horrible doing it but as the fat fell off and I saw that mile tally rise it made me feel pretty good about my fat self.

I use Google maps to plot out 3 mile and 5 mile distances so I don’t con myself. I have a pretty good idea of what a mile is but when you apply it you normally think you have walked more than you have.

Open up Google maps on a computer etc.
Put into the search your address.
Then zoom in so you can see your house.
Right click on your house and you will get a drop down box of options
Click on Measure Distance and you will see a white circle appear
Mover the cursor in any direction and click again and you get a line to the point you clicked, bingo you are now plotting distance

I messed about with it in my neighbourhood you can bend the line if you click on it and drag it so that it follows bends in the road for that nice OCD type, dead on accurate distance.

Like I say there are other ways of doing it like a run in the car or on Amazon doubtless there are fancy watches or apps for phones but this is what a chronic impoverished under achiever like me likes best….It is free and easy.

Pick out a 3 mile circuit or several, walk every other day for a month, stick to the diet and it will work.
PS rain and snow and windy days not an excuse. Well blizzards maybe.

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