I had started walking on my own and was mostly happy with it. I did notice how many pesky drug users and dealers there were in the most unlikely places as downside. I even had three young fellows decide I was a good target for some fun and games on one occasion which didn’t go how they expected but overall I had a pleasant time of it.

Buster the Jack Russell, small white long legged
He eats decaying trees, proper dog food and some other disgusting stuff

My long suffering wife decided that we should get a dog. One of the benefits she tried to use to lever me into her way of thinking was ‘ It will encourage you with your waking.’ I didn’t need any as I was quite happy wandering about without something attached to my arm. I did get conned into believing that maybe I could have company though. Then, like many before me I started to see myself and faithful companion having contented days off in the hills.

We got Buster, a two year old neurotic Jack Russell who was a refugee from a failed relationship, and in a different way he has helped with my exercise attempts. Here I will say getting the dog was a long thought about and in my case long resisted process. I did not get him just because I wanted to lose weight.

He is a disaster as far as being my faithful new friend is concerned. My wife treats him like a new baby and as I said he is neurotic and needy. I grant you he is cute to a ridiculous level and in the summer months I could leave my door open and play on my PS safe that no-one was going to wander in and steal what little I had, but he is not my dog by any stretch of the imagination.

As a canine in the house he is about perfect none of that pissing on the floor nonsense and he can sleep unfussing all night . There is not a hint of aggression, he is light when he wanders over my lap. All none ball crunching advantages of a small dog. On the lead though he is a demon.

Buster pulls like a mini train with the strength to size ratio of an ant. He is endlessly excited about the next ten feet of any journey and just keeping up with him has added 50% to my fitness. Yeah he has no discipline and I don’t have the patience to train him to amble along. I tie his lead to my belt and head out. He also needs a walk everyday and for all my wife’s chatter about how he will motivate me to walk he has not had the same effect on her so I do a lot of it. Funny thing is off the lead he is perfect again never, going far and always coming back, ah well I can’t figure people out never mind dogs so I’ll take the benefits without trying to alter Buster much.

There are many supposed health pluses to owning dogs. I’m not convinced myself nor will I argue. No. A dog is for life and you need to like them and care for them, they are not gym equipment BUT.
If you have been considering getting one, have the time and caring nature to look after one then the bare fact they need walking will surely keep you going? Not to mention you have to get off your arse several time a day to feed and amuse them.

I like Buster that is the main thing even if he in turn loves my wife always turning to her and ignoring me when he has a choice. I will have it that he is a big boost to my activity level and his sad brown eyes pleading for a daily walk chase the natural born procrastinator out of me.

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