I’m launching my own fight for fitness over 50s. I made a start over a year ago and at sometime I will put down all about it. If you are reading this forgive the lack of detail, I am working on it.

For now I can say I have never been a gym bunny or runner. I have a patchy history with exercise and weight gain over the last 30 plus years. I smoke and I am on with that too. In April 2017 I weighed in at 18.5 stone ( 257 pounds, 116kg).  I now weigh 15st, 7 pounds (217 pounds, 98 kg).

In addition I am a lot fitter and in way better shape. That worn out saying, ‘If I can do it, anyone can do it’, that applies to my efforts. It wasn’t easy and now I have given myself harder goals. On here I can write about it and I intend to video some aspects in the near future. If you are a couch potato or as near as you can get to it but want to change maybe we can help each other out.