two sleeping and bored looking hippos

I am trying to get a mass of writing up on this website to do with fitness for those of us past 50. I see this as just part of the defence of us against the onslaught of nonsense in today’s world According to the Buzzfeed generation we are not much use despite the fact that many of us have put huge effort in to pay for all they enjoy. If you feel rejected by the heads down youngsters who are stuck in a loop of checking social media, embrace your distain.  According to many sources social media is just a way of programming us away from traditional social structures and let us be honest Western civilisation is hardly better for it is it?

two sleeping and bored looking hippos
If social media makes you feel like this you are the sane one in a crazy world

I saw this on YouTube which puts a lot of this smartphone, social media nonsense into context. In the video many of the big hitters in the tech world unsurprisingly talk of how they shield their families from the addictive nature of internet use. The tone of the video risks being a bit victim minded about it. I mean you can switch the gadgets off but the quotes and interview samples in the film do support many of the assertions that we are being programmed on a large scale.

Paul Joseph Watson is a London based part of Info Wars. You can check them out but one of the first things you will see is the recent controversy regarding them being in turn censored by social media. I write this in full disclosure. Whatever you may or may not think of Info Wars and conservatives ( USA type Conservative not as in the UK party) there are plenty of points of reference to double check what is said.

Anyway check it out. As far as I am concerned social media is a useful tool so long as you make it work for you. After watching the addictive nature of it and its effects on our social integrity in my opinion if you have nothing to do with it you are missing nothing.

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