Saturday night favourite Ant McPartlin,42, is reported to be happier than ever with new girlfriend PR GURU Anne-Marie Corbett. It was only a few short months ago that the mega rich celeb decided not to hire someone to walk his favoured dog, not to let his mum drive to the park but instead took to the wheel drunk. In his blurry journey he over shot a bend and struck three cars one of which had a toddler as a passenger. Now Ant is on the mend and the nation is rightly celebrating.

PR GURU ( have I mentioned Anne-Marie Corbett is a PR GURU according to some of the press) seems to be making all the difference in the beleaguered star’s life and is turning that frown the opposite to down. After getting fined the equivalent to a £1000 of anyone else’s money and being banned for less that two thirds of the age of the little child he drove into he went into rehab. Not that he really needed to do that as almost as soon as the DNA swab was out of his mouth in the nick loyal fans were posting messages of support for him all over the web.

Recently arrived in his life is the aforementioned Anne-Marie Corbett who is believed to be a PR GURU. She was apparently a friend of his former wife, or current wife who is also being closely monitored by the press. She is variously walking around bits of the USA in shorts.

It is heartening to see in this day and age of spiralling drink related crime that not much of a glitch will be put in his career despite what might have happened to the hapless toddler in the car he hit.

Jonny Swirl, a devotee of Ant’s was very vocal in his delight. ‘ He is a top bloke and what is a little fender bender between friends. I can’t wait to see his cheeky reckless driving smirk back on the box. It is a great encouragement to anyone who risks the life of kids that it need not stop them earning on the telly.’

Here I have to throw my full support behind that sentiment, after all with so many grinning at a guy who hurtles around drunk hitting three cars in order to get his pooch to the park what is the point in doing anything else? Oh, did I mention this new girlfriend is a PR GURU? Useful to have one on hand, you know in case you need a career nursing back to health.

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